Advisory Board Meeting Molde

The Advisory Board Meeting took place in Molde and Ålesund in the beginning of April 2015. The heads of the 11 partner institutions met to exchange their first ideas for the concepts of the national production. Also we prepared and discussed all the conditions and requirements for the Annual Encounter and the Creative Forum in Portugal/Palmela this summer.

The artistic director Thomas Bjørnager showed us his two facilities and explained how they are connected: Barneteatret Vårt in Ålesund, a theatre for a young audience and Teatret Vårt in Molde, which is newly built, highly modern and bright. He wanted the partners to experience how it feels like being a regional, also touring company in Norway.

We got the chance to see a production of the Barneteatret Vårt in Ålesund: “Mannen in pappesken” is a production by Andy Manley (GB) for children 5+. A man, who lives in a house, which is a box with many boxes, learns to overcome his fears boundaries.

Driving on a fairy trough the fjords for three hours from Ålesund to Molde watching the nature that on some parts even seems to be untouched gave us a sense of the long distances and the isolated little towns that Teatret Vårt has to reach.

Pic 11 Vart theatret moldePic 10 Fairy

During the presentations of the concepts for the national productions it appeared that the ideas of the different partners where very varied and already quite thought out.

They will be presented in Pamela at the Annual Encounter in a large pigsty, which was developed into a venue by O Bando theatre.

Pic 12 Barnet theatret

At the Barnettheatret Vart


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