Artistic Kick-Off-Meeting Budweis

The second meeting of Platform Shift+ (Artistic Kick-Off-Meeting) took place in Budweis (CZ) in January 2015.

The matter: Mainly to inspire each other with different inputs and discussions for the national production and to generate a stimulating initial meeting and exchange.

Fresh and winterly the pretty old town of Budweis greeted us. Lukas, Peter, Veronica and Janek, our project partners of the South Bohemian theatre in Budweis, warmly welcomed us with a tasty and substantial Czech meal.

Pic 2 - welcome

Gradually, two artists of each partner institutions arrived. The artistic teams where composed of writers, directors, video artists and actors. A two days program was waiting for us, which we started blithely and sociably after a first night in the highly modern „Budweis Hotel“ in a café, which was prepared for us as a conference room.

The first day aims to answer the key question: How can a young audience meaningfully be involved in the research and production process of theatre productions?

How can digital medias, which have become a common place for a young generation of digital natives, thereby be integrated into theatre?

How can you find a way that keeps theatre attractive for a generation of spectators, which are digital natives?

Pic 3 - café

With young energy, some students invited by Veronika Riedlbauchová, professor in Prague and educator of the South Bohemian Theatre presented their idea of a perfect theatre performance in a tackling way.

Youth Presentations

Pic 4 student´s presentations

We had many motivating discussions. Also, each partner was invited to report about the current state of affairs of their national production and their experiences with engagement work.

Some best practice examples where given: Tabea Hornlein, head of the „Theaterakademie” at tjg in Dresden (DE), presented their production „Erstkontakt“ (first contact) which opened successfully on March 7 as the first Platform Shift+ production.

TJG Dresden | Erstkontakt

Trailer “Erstkontakt”

In the evening we had the opportunity to see a production of the South Bohemien theatre / Small theatre. We enjoyed The sinful village of Dalskabáty, or The forgotten Devil directed by Petr Hašek, a dynamic show, full of music and movement, using elements of commedia del arte.

The Sinful Village of Dalskabáty, or the Forgotten Devil

On the second day Lukas Prudek, the director of the South Bohemian theatre, who had just taken up his office, welcomed us.

Proudly and with sensitive care he gave us a round tour through the theatre, which has been based in Budweis since 1919. Currently they work on the construction of a modern and bright building extension.

Pic 5 Lukas Prudek

The discussions at the second day focused on the question: How can digital and social medias be integrated in theatre productions as a artistic and aesthetic solution?

Our noon was enriched by Gyuri Vidowzky (Kolibri Theater / HU) best practice example „Cyber Cyrano“.

Cyber Cyrano

Also, Philippe Domenigie (collectif dártistes of Marseille/ Theater Massalia / FR) shared his works.

Le nomade village

Apart form discussing the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming process the participants passionately began playing with digital technologies, especially social medias: During the meeting the participants started to network and communicate through Facebook and twitter.

Among others, this trend was stimulated by a practical exercise, which was instructed by Mandy Smith under the banner „social media (Facebook) as a source to inspire narrative“

Diego de la Vega on Facebook shows this upcoming trend very significantly in the photo series “the fascinations of the blue light” uploaded on Facebook.

Pic 6_2 blueLightPic 6_1 blueLight


In the late afternoon the project participants climbed into a coach, already comfortable with each other and despite the mucky weather in a lively mood. Off we go! To a regional highlight, a visit of the baroque town Cesky Krumlov. Starting in the coach Lukas Prudek gave us a historical introduction and later showed us the impressive revolving stage, which is part of the Bohemian Theater.

Pic7 revolving stage

Sudden upcoming snows that we kept watching from the windows of the baroque theatre made the magic atmosphere of the little town complete and let us slide happily to a traditional Czech Pub for a final dinner.

Pic 8 baroque TheatrePic 9 Cesky Krumlov

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