Situation Rooms Rimini Protokoll

Ruhrtriennale2013 Situation Rooms von RiminiProtokoll
Ruhrtriennale2013 Situation Rooms von RiminiProtokoll

Situation Rooms of Rimini Protokoll is an example of the use of digital technologies in Theatre.

Rimini Protokoll is a German performance group originaly from Gießen.
They are seen as the founder of a new reality trend on stage. Their works range in the zone between reality and fiction. The center of their work is the development of new media in the theater – they want the audience to experience different perceptions on our reality.

In Situation Rooms Rimini Protokoll worked with film for the first time.
Rimini won the childrens choice award at the ruhr trienale with Situation Rooms. This could indicate that a participative theater with the use of digital technologie is very much appealing to a generation of digital natives.

The audience takes an active role as players in the theater play. Every attendant gets an I Pad and headphones. During the show you slip into seven of alltogether 20 different identeties or roles. they are introduced to you via the I Pad. Also the introductions of the movements you have to do as the character of the play are told to you trought the I Pad. There is a building with 17 rooms trough which you move. You follow the introduction you ve been given.

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The biografies of all the twenty persons which are brought together in Situtaion Rooms as a kind of a filmset are somehow connected to wappens. In a globalised world the Situations of the characters are experienced on diffent continents. But alltogether the situations create a planet, an image of the whole phenomenen of wappons in the world. Different perspectives are for example an activist against wapons financing or a doctor without borders and a member of the german parliament.

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