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Platform Shift+ in Wonderland – How to make your customers follow the white rabbit

Frank Tentler actually wanted to become a vet and his dream was to save wales. Here in Marseille he is with us to share what has become his passion for years: The development and the realization of a gripping strategy for online marketing in the digital age. For us, 19 participants of the Marketing Meeting Marseille which takes place within our Platform Shift+ project, Frank gives a keynote on the topic of “communication in theatre 2020”.
The furniture of the fairly small room in the old tobacco factory “la friche”, where our partner theatre Massalia is seated, is stylish. It is a remnant from 2013 when Marseille was the cultural capital of Europe.
For Frank, us theatre people, already have what is the key element for successful marketing: the “soulful content”. Content is the queen, if a topic really grasps and fascinates people, they “give a fuck about their privacy” The localization function of the smartphones stays on and marketing can begin:
Location based technology for Frank is an essential part of an exciting and lively marketing strategy for the future. It is all about story telling. Creating something, augmenting reality and reaching the client – pulling him into story, like “Alice in wonderland” who follows the white rabbit. In order to achieve this it is essential to use new technologies like for example Beacons – small sensors which are fed with data.
But also a proper Mission Statement, an unambiguous positioning about the dangers behind using digital technologies should not be missing in every online marketing strategy. It is important to understand that the psychology of human beings is behind the use of technologies.
Mobile only in 2017 – everybody wants to share his life with others, show what he loves and hates. The consequence: if you give to your customers what they are interested in and what you can easily take a picture of and share, your customers will become transmitters and will send your ads directly to the right target group. The customer is interested in “the insights”, in what happens backstage, explains marketing expert Frank.
Before we go backstage and dive into the rehearsals of the national production “la fille des platformes” of Theatre Massalia the participants of the marketing workshops present the strategies they have been using up to now.
Inspired by Franks keynote, we then together develop ideas how to perfect the Platform Shift+ digital marketing and make a big audience follow the Creative Forums.IMG_3650

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