Humans of Budejovice

A theatrical and sociological Hyde Park happened in Budweis

First time in the history of The South Bohemian Theatre were invited 100 people on the stage to work together with professional actors and director´s team of Small Theatre under leading of Janek Lesak.

What was going on? A document about a unique experiment to put the whole on stage. The cast in the project, which was on the verge of the theatre and a sociological experiment, involved exactly 100 inhabitants of České Budějovice appearing on one stage, each whom represents 1 per cent of the population of the city.

And what the people think about their place? (examples)

“In my opinion, Budějovice people are specific by not having an inferiority complex that they live in a small town. When someone from Prague or another big city comes here, they say that Budějovice people keep staring, simply that they keep looking at everybody else.”

“What I like about České Budějovice is that it has practically everything I need, and is, at the same time, so small that we know one another, like in a village.”

“A thing I hate about České Budějovice is dog poop.”

What were the questions to answer like? (examples)

Do you like Budweiser Budvar?

If it suits you at a particular moment and if you know that no one will ever find out, do you tell lies?

Have you ever taken a free ride on the municipal public transport in České Budějovice?


What were people´s wishes on the stage like?

I wouldn’t like to be here in 10 years, but I like it here.

I’d find it wonderful if there were some smaller trees in those huge flower containers in the square and if there was more vegetation in the town centre.


All important stuff  in upcomming movie – soon 🙂


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