108,000 Seconds & Counting

“108,000 seconds is the average amount of time young people in Europe spend on line per week. That’s 30 hours.
Over the course of one week in October, we explored how young people spend their time online, what it has meant to their lives and what they see as the internet’s biggest problems and greatest strengths. ” Tom Bellerby, Director.

The PLATFORM shift+ Youth Exchange 2016 was hosted by Pilot Theatre in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Young people from Teatro O Bando(Portugal), Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale (Italy), Théâtre Massalia (France), and Hull Truck Youth Theatre (UK) have been brought together in Yorkshire. They have worked together and devised 108,000 seconds and Counting, a production made within the space of a week under the guidance of professional theatre and performance practitioners.

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