Portrait 2 | Terezie Jelínková (Actress at the SBT in Budweis)

Terezie Jelínková is an actress at the South Bohemian Theatre. She has been an actress there since December 2015.

At the “Your Story Festival” in Dresden she performed the play “Three Musketeers Only”.

On Thursday night, one of the most famous novels of all times was performed in a unique summer-style. It was a travelling adaptation for three actors and a band, performed under the Dresden stars.

Terezie, admired by the three musketeers, was standing on the rooftop of our festival centre and filled the mild evening with the soft voice of her character Josephine.

“I loved singing on the roof! But I was also a bit afraid as I had to climb up and down the ladder very quickly.”

I asked Terezie to show me one move that she connects with her role as Josephine.

“As I am the youngest actress at the South Bohemian Theatre I mostly get the “girly roles” she explains.”

Terezie is only 22 years old. She tried to apply for he acting school in Prague 4 times but always was rejected. Just being at the point to give up she met Peter Hasek, the artistic director of the young South Bohemian Theatre “Divadlo” at a party. He invited her to the audition and since then she has been a member of the South Bohemian Theatre ensemble.

“It was a great success for me” Terezie smiles. She wears a white summer dress and her shiny appearance is fresh and energetic as someone who is living a fairy tale dream.

Could you make one movement that comes to your mind when you think about Platform Shift and the Your Story Festival?


“For me it was a wonderful experience meeting so many people from different countries. As we all have something in common it feels very quickly as if you know each other for a long time already.”





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