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PLATFORM shift+ is a larger scale cooperation project announced by the European Commission under their European Culture Funding Stream Creative Europe. It consists of 11 partners from 9 countries – ten theatres, all recognised as national leaders in the field of theatre for young people, and a university. The leading organisation Pilot Theatre (York (GB) is one of the UK’s most renowned companies in delivering performance work for young people and exploring innovative approaches to making and sharing work.

The artistic network is created to meet the new challenges of producing theatre for young people in the digital age. The partners have identified the urgent need to engage with digital technology in order to understand their target audience. Today’s young people are digital natives who move naturally between real and virtual worlds. Theatre for them must respond to this new reality to sustain and grow existing audiences and build new audiences for the future. This will enable theatre to accurately portray young people’s reality and inspire them with a belief in theatre as a unique live medium for modern times.

To achieve this, the partners plan a major investment in the professionalization of theatre makers on an international level. An extensive programme of interrelated activities will encourage transnational exchanges of artists/artistic products and provide training in digital technology through practice and international Creative Forums. In more than 50 activities it connects theatre makers directly with young people in a creative dialogue. As results of the artistic exchange the network will develop 40 (co-) productions based on newly developed plays/concepts, correlated to the reality of the digital age within 4 years (2014 -18).

The project creates a platform to shift theatre for young Europeans today and secures theatre’s role in the Europe of tomorrow.


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